Woodford Muslim Cultural Centre

EID-al-Adha 2024/1445 is on Sunday 16th June - Jama'at Times

There are 2 Jummah Jama'at at 1.30pm and 2.00pm

Guidance for attending WMCC

EID-Ul-Adha 2024/1445

Eid Al Adha 2024/1445 is on Sunday 16th June insha'Allah.

There will be four EID Jama'ats at WMMC as detailed below. Please arrive early as there is limited capacity and doors will be closed when full.

We would like to wish everyone a happy and peaceful EID-Ul-Adha. EID MUBARAK!.

Guidance on attending WMCC

WMCC continues to prioritise the safety of its congregation, with due regard to the latest advice from the authorities, and the levels of Covid-19 reported in the local community, please follow the guidance below when attending WMCC:

About us

Woodford Muslim Cultural Centre (WMCC) was established in 2015. Our aims are to provide prayer and educational facilities in accordance to the teachings of Islam to help advance the Muslim community in Woodford and the surrounding areas.

The muslim community has been living in the area for over 25 years and praying for the opportunity to set-up an Islamic Centre in the area. As the community grew, the demand for a local muslim centre to cater for their religious needs. 

The two shops went up for sale in October 2013 and local muslims came together to form a team to initiate the purchase of the properties and set-up the muslim centre. 

Once the team had been gathered and a purchase priced agreed for the property, there was only about 6 weeks to raise the funds to purchase the property. So the team tried everything they could to put together the funds for the purchase approaching all contacts they knew in the area as well as neighbouring boroughs and exploring many different sources. 

The name of the charity was agreed and a committee was quickly set-up. Ultimately the purchase was completed by 31st December 2013. Basic prayers were started immediately with a few people praying when they can at the property.

Jan - May 2014: Initial works and applications: 

May 2014 - July 2016: Planning approval and start of services 

August 2016 - July 2016: Phase 1 Development 

August 2021 - Present: Phase 2 Development 


The following activities currently run at the centre. 

Contact us


Woodford Muslim Cultural Centre
114-116 Snakes Lane East,
Woodford Green


+44 7990 561145
+44 7930 525525

Getting here

It’s a 3 minutes walk via Snakes Lane East. From Woodford underground station, walk towards Snakes Lane East, the destination will be on your left. View Large Map.


Please note that there are parking restrictions in the area on Snakes Lane East. Parking is free for 60 minutes in the parking bays, however a parking ticket is still required. Please press the green button on the parking machine without inserting any money and a free 60 minute ticket will be issued. You can also use the RINGO app on your phone.  

Please remember: